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La Peca

Nicola and Pierluigi Portinari, brothers who started very young in the family butcher's shop, have become a reference point of Italian haute cuisine with the La Peca restaurant, two Michelin stars. Because, despite a secluded way of doing things, of characters unwilling to appear, this is truly one of the best restaurants on the Peninsula. Admirable is the ability to work each ingredient in a spectacular way, the measure and balance, the continuous evolution of the menu, the number of always extraordinary dishes created in recent years, and increasingly oriented towards lightness, digestibility, reduced intake of calories and - above all - the pleasure of the customer.

Ristorante Oste Scuro

Simone Lugoboni chef and owner of the Oste Scuro restaurant is the soul of the best fish restaurant in the city. A wrought iron sign indicates this trendy place with a nice family atmosphere, hidden in an alley in the center of Verona. Here, of course, it is the highest quality of the material that makes the difference: fresh, caught, certified sea fish, coming up with a caviar card, one of the oysters and one of the raw, whose margin of error is zero. For over fifteen years Simone has been leading the restaurant with skill and passion, the unmissable place for lovers of seafood. The wine list cannot be outdone, with obvious centrality on bubbles and whites.

Ristorante Maffei, Oblò, Saos, Amo

Luca Gambaretto is what you don't expect to find in one of the most historic and renowned restaurants in Verona. From his young age he made a powerful weapon to bring balanced innovation to the Maffei Restaurant, a family business now managed together with his sister. Luca Gambaretto, however, is not only Ristorante Maffei. His unstoppable desire to make a revolution in the canonical ranks of restaurants led him to add three other venues in Verona to his deck, plus a replica in Trento: Oblò, Saos, Amo. Three distinct souls, three concepts of premises that speak to different audiences and stand out not only for their cuisine, but above all for the welcome in the dining room and the atmosphere they give at each opening.

Osteria Al Ritorno

Francesco Alberti is chef and owner of the Osteria Al Ritorno in Grezzana (Verona). After starred experiences abroad, he returns to Italy to offer a simple but not trivial cuisine. "The Osteria Al Ritorno, a project shared with his partner, fully reflects what it is, in the tastes, in the proposal and in the atmosphere. His cuisine is simple but not predictable, which tries to enhance seasonal products , establish direct relationships with local producers and beyond ».

Ristorante San Marco

Chef Stefano Meneghello and Francesca Trezzolani lead the San Marco restaurant with great passion, proposing themselves with a counter-current cuisine. The menu often varies due to the seasonality of fresh products, mainly fish dishes according to market availability. The quality of the dishes is perceptible from the raw material, the immediacy of the flavors made with essential combinations and the technique of execution. Here everything is homemade, from pasta to desserts and bread, up to the smoked fish.

Trattoria alla Baracca

Leaving Vicenza, following the road to Casale where the Bacchiglione forms a loop, we find a place where time seems to have stopped: Trattoria Alla Baracca. Under fascinating centuries-old mulberry trees, with the rustling of the river water in the background, Debora and Maria Lidia offer a family welcome that demonstrates the love and passion of three generations that have stood the test of time. The cuisine is traditional and fluvial. The baked eel and seasonal dishes by chef Danilo are memorable. The renovated interiors of the Baracca are simple, welcoming and with a taste that does not betray tradition.

Ristorante Camaleonte

The patron Francesco Balsamo leads the restaurant Camaleonte, a new restaurant surrounded by nature in a small village on the slopes of the Berici Hills. Francesco...

La Cocota

Enzo Berlanda leads La Cocota in Milan with a customer-oriented approach, proposing different solutions, in a family context. La Cocota is not just a wine bar, but a wine shop with unusual culinary proposals. Framed in a lounge and elegant environment, finely furnished with a minimal and at the same time warm taste, Enzo will welcome you to make you try an unforgettable taste experience, the ideal place for an aperitif with friends and for refined gourmet tastings.

Al Capitan della Cittadella

Just beyond the walls of the city of Verona, Al Capitan della Cittadella is one of the most popular Veronese addresses for those who want to satisfy their craving for fish. Pleasant contemporary atmospheres with marine touches, the preparations are mainly the classic Italian ones that focus on the product without excessive complications, where the owner Andrea leads the restaurant with great skill, together with the joviality and attention of all the staff.