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Vineyards that tell an ancient story

The history of the Berici Hills began 60 million years ago, in another location of Earth, near the Tropic of Cancer. Here, the periodic emergence of lands, volcanic eruptions and the formation of a long coral reef generated multiple layers of rock. In the meantime, the entire area moved northward, where it finally emerged six million years ago.

Today the Berici Hills are a wonderful area. A succession of valleys, plateaus and elevations, which surprise visitors with an extraordinary environment, and a nature that offers magnificent landscapes and pristine places, where one can still perceive the breath of the woods.

Inhabited for 200 thousand years and crossed by life and history, the Berici Hills today host a treasure trove of culture, rural architecture, ancient spiritual centers, and Venetian and Palladian villas. Our family has lived on these lands for centuries, in the very places that formerly belonged to the Giustinian nobility. They reached the foot of the Berici Hills when the long wave of the Republic of Venice came up the rivers, with its load of distant worlds and glory.

Still today we live in Alonte, in the southern part of the Hills, where we continue a winery tradition that we started in 1779. We take care of our 22 hectares (54 acres) of vineyards, which grow on the soil that was once the bottom of that ancient sea. A thin terroir, rich in clay and limestone. A virtuous mix that represents one of the most interesting “crus” for the wine varieties of the whole area.

In 1754, Vicentine abbot Valeriano Canati wrote Il Roccolo Ditirambo. This document contains the first historical citation of Prosecco, the Prosecco of Monte Berico. When we discovered it, we decided to bring this variety back to our hills, and chose the Glera Balbi grape, which is the ancient primitive strain of Prosecco. We grow it organically, like we do with all our other vineyards, by paying careful attention to the ecosystem. This also let us obtain the strict Biodiversity Friend certification.

Year after year, our vineyards and our terroir continue to tell an ancient story.

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Agronomic and Organic Viticulture Manager

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