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Horseback Riding

Our Boston Stables, a western-style riding school, is surrounded by nature, among olive trees and vineyards, deep in the enchanting landscape of the Berici Hills. Inside, you can follow a horse-riding course, or go trekking and horseback riding through the many evocative nature trails in the thick woods and along the country paths that line the slopes of the Berici Hills.

On Horseback Across the Berici Hills

The Berici Hills, with their pristine nature, are the ideal place to take long and regenerating horseback rides. It is a world apart, almost out of time, just a few kilometers by car from the Palladian Art Center.

The Berici Hills are made up of limestone, which creates suggestive views with caves and natural sculptures. Moreover, the climatic difference with the surrounding plain gives life to a lush Mediterranean vegetation.

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Tasting hours: every morning from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM. In the afternoon, available by reservation only for groups of minimum 6-12 people.

La Pria Classic

Tasting of 3 labels of our organic wines (Prosecco DOC and Veneto IGT still wines) paired with Veneto DOP ham, croutons and extra virgin olive oil of our production.

Price: € 20.00 per person

La Pria Prestige

Tasting of 4 labels of our organic wines (Prosecco DOC and still wines Veneto IGT) in combination with tastings of typical products (eg Veneto DOP ham or Soppressa Vicentina) and a taste of fresh or seasoned local cheese, croutons and extra virgin olive oil olive of our production.

Price:  € 30.00 per person

La Pria Supreme

Tasting of all our organic wines (7 labels) in combination with tastings of typical products (eg Veneto PDO ham or Soppressa Vicentina), tastings of two fresh and aged local cheeses, savory pie, croutons and extra virgin olive oil of our production.

Price: € 40.00 per person


    "The recently renovated 16th-century barchessa is located next to the 15th-century Villa Trevisan, once owned by the noble Venetian Giustinian family. Within the structure, there are two double rooms with private bathrooms that retain the charm of rural homes with stone walls and exposed beams. In the garden adjacent to the building, you will find a small swimming pool with sun loungers and umbrellas, providing relaxation during sunny summer days. "

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    About us:

    • Chandani
      We really enjoyed our stay at La Pria! Rino and Alessandra were excellent hosts. Pay attention to every detail and we made sure you had the most comfortable stay. They really helped us, from arranging breakfast on horseback for my daughter to restaurant reservations and wine recommendations for our nightcap! The accommodation is lovely. We will definitely be back!
    • Ekaterina
      We had a great time at Rino's house. The property is imbued with a historical charm well combined with all modern comforts. The common space is well thought out and pleasant for small quiet cozy evenings. Rino and Alessandra are very attentive to the guests and do their utmost to provide you with all the information and services you need. Breakfast allows you to discover some local specialties in the internal courtyard overlooking the garden.
    • Veronica B
      Great experience and very nice location. We celebrated a birthday with a tasting after a tour of the vineyard and the stables. 4 labels, excellent wines, good food accompaniment with cold cuts, cheeses and savory pies. Really hospitable and helpful staff. I will be back in the spring to try out the swimming pool and solarium area.
    • Giulia Cerisara
      Beautiful day that began with a tour of the vineyards and a curious explanation of both Villa Trevisan and the area that surrounded us. Continuing with a tasting of excellent BIO wines (even an oil!) and concluding the day with a fun horse ride. I miss this place already! Highly recommended! Combined with the prepared and super welcoming staff!
    • Lisa Urbani
      DESERVES. Gained experience on horseback with a walk with a very kind, polite and attentive instructor towards us. Beautiful horses and beautiful experience. Very interesting tasting experience, both as regards the wines and their quality, and for the availability, simplicity and kindness of Alessandra in entertaining us and explaining each quality of their wines and products. A round of applause also to the young helper whose name I don't remember (I'm sorry) who lent herself to having a chat with us during the tasting. I will definitely recommend it to my closest friends or anyone who wants to venture into the world of wine or horses. Beautiful location full of history.