La Pria

La Pria Winery is a young company making Prosecco wine and still wines (both white and red).

Founded in 2001, it has its roots in the expertise of generations of winegrowers. The entire production area consists of about 15 hectares (37 acres) of vineyards located in the territory of Alonte, in the southern part of the Berici Hills, in the province of Vicenza.

Glera Balbi, the ancient primitive strain of Prosecco, was chosen for the main line of production. Here, it found an ideal soil and environment to grow and produce bunches of grapes, suitable for making sparkling wine.

The recovery of historical documents proving the existence of Prosecco in the Berici Hills convinced us that it would have been fair to resume that history and tradition, by performing a graft with new viticulture techniques, and renewed planting patterns.

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Our Prosecco

We wanted to bring this wine variety back to its origins, as we fully believed in its potential. Thanks to a graft performed with new viticulture techniques, and renewed planting patterns and high-quality enological practices, a truly out of the ordinary Prosecco was born.

Have you ever wondered why Prosecco wines are all so similar to one another?

Tasting La Pria Winery Vicenza, Colli Berici, Berici Hills

The Tastings

At La Pria Winery you can take part in our wine tastings. On that occasion, you will have the opportunity to purchase our products. You will be welcomed by our 1500s barchessa (open barn), which is used as a tasting room. It is available, upon booking, to taste our organic wines, in combination with local gastronomic products.