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Winegrowers since 1779

La PriaWinery is a young company, started in 2001 but born from the experience of generations of winemakers. The whole production area consists of about 15 hectares of vineyard. The land is located in the territory of Alonte in the southern part of the Berici, Vicenza. More text...

Hence the choice of Glera Balbi, the ancient primitive strain of Prosecco, which has found a ground and an environment for the growth and production of grapes extremely suitable for sparkling wine.

The recovery of historical documents that prove the existence of Prosecco in the Berici Hills, convinced us that it would be proper to resume the history and tradition with a clutch of new viticultural techniques, with planting renewed. Close

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Ed or ora immolarmi voglio il becco
con quel melaromatico Prosecco.
Di Monteberico...

Il Roccolo, 1754

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L'Olio, Our Olive Oil

The real origin of the prosecco

The Glera grapes, the original source of Prosecco, appears to have originated in the Berici Hills. So says “Il Roccolo”, a document written by Aureliano Acanti in 1754 for the wedding of Elena Ghellini, daughter of Count Gelio Ghellini Villaverla (Vicenza province). More text...

The Roccolo is one of the most important books in the history of Italian wines and probably the most important of Veneto wines, where is mentioned among others, the Prosecco of Monteberico. Acanti’s is the oldest written record of Proseccoand shows the rich cultural backdrop of our company, La Pria. Close

Our prosecco

We aimed at bringing our grape variety back to its origin, strongly believing in its potential. Thanks to the junction of new viticultural techniques, with planting renewed and oenological practices of high quality, we produce a Prosecco out of the ordinary. More text...

Our ambition is to connect the past to the future and to recover the original value of wine. Let us call it our mission

Haveyou ever wondered why Prosecco wines are all quite alike?

Our enterprise began precisely with the desire to do something different.

Fed up with common Prosecco wines and with all their similar tastes we resolved to create La Pria wine with the special purpose of inventing, or rather reinventing, an exclusive savour for this wine so much dear to local tradition.

To do this our starting point has been once again an historical heritage, something connected to our origin, that is our terroir: a soil located South of Vicenza, in Berici Hills, that gives thanks to its extraordinary mineral components the characteristic strong taste peculiar to our Prosecco wine, unique in comparison with other Prosecco wines. What is our exclusive trademark? It’s our slightly bitter aftertaste combined with a pleasant salt-flavorthat delights the palate like a sudden intuition. Close


The profession of winemaker is to work with the utmost respect of living organisms of nature in the countryside and to deal with the sensitive ecological balance of plants, micro-organisms and insects of the eco system. More text...

This philosophy implies that our interventions vineyard minimized and only treatments with copper sulphate and sulfur as fungicides.

The “make organic” requires commitment and dedication.

It needs more manpower, we must exclude the use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides, but the result is unique: no filter between nature and finished product.

Our company has always operated according to this logic. Prosecco La Pria has, in fact, been certified as organic wine,easily recognizable thanks to the label of the green leaf, European symbol reserved for organic products.

We also obtained the severe Certification “Biodiversity Friend” for the conservation of air, water and soil quality, as an additional proof of our environmental responsibility and of our minimizing impacts of productive process on ecosystems.

Strongly believing in this sustainable project, we recently became a partner member of FIVI, the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers, that promotes the quality and authenticity of Italian wines.

Membershipis restricted only to those wineries that carry out all the function of the vineyard management up to the grape harvest, of transformation of the grapes harvested in the vineyard into wine and of direct selling of the products obtained. Close


Alonte, Berici Hills south of Vicenza, Veneto, Italy. Hills predominantly composed of limestone rock formed by an ancient sea and emerged via volcanic activity. Thin soils, fine texture, coarse gravel sparse on the surface, common at depth and good drainage. More text...

The Berici Hills and in particular the southern area of Alonte are one of the most interesting crus for wines of the whole district. The medium-textured soils are rich in clay and limestone from fossil deposits with the presence also of volcanic material. A wonderful mix that enriches the mineral component and favours the production of particularly fine wines because of the limestone component, and full-bodied because of the basalt clay component. Close


We will be very pleased to welcome you into our winery and vineyards where you can buy our products and get registered to keep you updated on our many initiatives. More text...

You will be welcome into our tasting room inside the “Barchessa”, the ancient barn dating back to the 16th Century where by appointment you can taste our organic wines in combination with local delicacies or events such as meetings and small receptions.

For all the horse riding lovers there will be a chance of Western riding courses in the stables “Boston” annexed.

Please contact us for prices and availability. Close

Where we are

Villa Trevisan – Via Roma, 43
36045 Alonte (Vicenza) Italia


La Pria Brut 0.5, Prosecco DOC

Variety: 100% Glera. Sugar content: 5 g/liter. Sparkling wine of pale yellow color, brilliant, perlage very fine and elegant. Fruity wine with aromas of citrus and herbal notes. In the mouth it is very dry, fresh and quite tasty. The mineral elements dominates wrapping the palate with unexpected intensity. Alcohol content 12% vol.

Food pairings: oysters of the Adriatic and raw fish, raw shrimp, shellfish, raw sea bass and croaker. Dishes of sushi and sashimi.


La Pria Brut, Prosecco DOC

Variety: 100% Glera. Sugar content: 9 g/liter. Sparkling wine of pale yellow color, brilliant, effervescence and fine grain. Fruity wine with aromas of pineapple and citrus. Floral notes of wisteria and jasmine and hints of herbs. The taste is dry, fresh and flavorful. The mineral elements dominates wrapping the palate with unexpected intensity. Alcohol content 12% vol.

Food pairings: excellent as an aperitif and as a wine for all meal, it goes well with all kinds of seafood, fish and white meats. Try it with pizza Margherita.


La Pria Extra Dry, Prosecco DOC

Variety: 100% Glera. Sugar content: 16 g/liter. Sparkling wine of pale yellow color, brilliant, effervescence and fine grain. Very fruity wine with aromas of banana and pineapple. Floral notes of wisteria and jasmine. In the mouth it is soft and fruity. The mineral elements dominates wrapping the palate with unexpected intensity. Alcohol content 12% vol.

Food pairings: excellent as an aperitif and as a table wine, it goes well with all seafood in shell, shellfish and white meats grilled fish or chicken. Perfect with Soppressa or salami, prosciutto Berico-Euganeo ham. Ideal with quiches and omelettes.


Camillo, Bianco Veneto IGT

Variety: Glera and Garganega. White wine of pale yellow color. Fresh and fruity, reminiscent of the golden apple, following floral notes of white flowers. The palate is dry, relevant acidity, fruity and mineral structure with a slight effervescence. It is a wine to drink young, preferably within the year. Serve at 12 °C. Alcohol content 11% vol.

Food pairings: easy to drink and to match, this white wine is perfect with pasta dishes, fish and white meat. It enhances the flavor of dough with tomato sauce, pies, light soups, baked fish and all kinds of vegetables. Ideal as an aperitif accompanied by a snack.


Il Vespiere, Bianco Veneto IGT

Variety: Chardonnay, Garganega and Trebbiano. Still white wine, straw yellow in color, the scent is for floral jasmine, acacia flowers, golden apple, pear and apricot fruit. The spiciness brings pink pepper and cinnamon. The palate is dry, acidity relevant and important mineral structure. It can age 3-4 years. Serve at 12 ° C. Alcohol content 13% vol.

Food pairings: risotto with asparagus or leeks, roast duck. Dishes with white truffle. Try it with Collonnata bacon on toasted bread or mature cheeses. Sauces with vegetables and cheese. Perfect with “Baccalà alla vicentina” made from stockfish, native Vicenza dish.


Bugamante, Rosso Veneto IGT

Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot. Still red wine, produced only in the best vintages of intense ruby red color and delicately herbaceous fragrance with black cherry fruit. The spice is black pepper and cloves. The mouth has a round tannins and sensations of mint and liquorice sweet, good acidity. Aged in big barrels. It can age 6-8 years. Serve at 16° C in tulip glasses wide. Alcohol content 13% vol.

Food pairings: roasted and grilled meats, lamb, duck breast with mushrooms, truffle dishes, bigoli with meat sauce, roast peppers, aged cheese.


Ramato, Rosato Veneto IGT

Variety: Pinot Bianco, Incrocio Manzoni, Pinot Grigio. Yellow copper Rosé wine. The must remains in contact with the grape skins of Pinot Grigio for 24 hours and gives to the wine a very special coppery color, like onion skin. The aroma is intense, fruity, and the taste is to be a full wine, complex, fruity and smooth with an important mineral structure. It can age 3-4 years. Serve at 12 ° C. Alcohol content 12.5% vol.

Food pairings: ideal with fish like snapper, mullet, tuna, mackerel or crustaceans, mussels and clams, it is excellent also as aperitif. It pairs easily with hot and cold appetizers, fresh and medium-aged cheeses, as well as the preparations of eggs such as omelets and soufflees or pairing with excellent crustaceous and shellfish.


L'Olio, Extra Vergine olive oil

Olives: Frantoio, Leccino and Rasara. Olive Oil of Superior quality “Extra Vergine” obtained directly from the olives, cold processing, using exclusively mechanical methods. It is characterized as slightly fruity with aromas of wild herbs, thistle and green almond on the finish with a spicy and persistent aftertaste, slightly bitter.

Food pairings: particularly suitable for consumption on salads, on the soups, risotto with truffles and grilled meat. Store in a cool place away from light and heat sources.